History & Vision of the van Swaay Charitable Foundation

The van Swaay Charitable Foundation is a private charitable organization that was established as a trust in 1997 by Maarten and Christine van Swaay. The assets to fund the Foundation were created by the entrepreneurial diligence of Maarten’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.G.J.A. van Swaay.

The impetus to establish the Foundation came from the lifestyle example of Maarten’s parents set, especially during the Second World War. Their respect and compassion for human beings in times of need touched lives in ways that demonstrate how the actions of even a single individual can make a difference.

Maarten & Christina van Swaay founded the van Swaay  Family Foundation in 1997.

Their steadfast vision and generosity has made investing in the human potential a practice of this organization for over a decade.